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Dr. Gaby Cora

Resources for Wealth, Health and Happiness

Achieve Balance in your Personal and Professional Life

Leading Under Pressure®

Strategies to Avoid Burnout, Increase Energy, and Improve Well-Being

Leading Under Pressure

If you feel like the professional juggler, wishing for extra pairs of hands or a clone, this book is meant for you. Dr. CorĂ¡ offers practical solutions as she integrates healthy strategies in the busy business world. You can get these resources as a DVD, an eBook, a hardcover Book, an audiobook, or as an audio download to listen to on your computer, iPod or other portable listening device.

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Leader of a Pack of Bitches: Winning Strategies to Become an Outstanding Leader

Alpha female

Are you an Alpha Fee or an Alpha Fee Bee? In her provocative book, Dr. CorĂ¡ dicusses the qualities of women leaders with candor. Only a woman leader can write about this relevant topic, as she offers effective strategies for a positive makeover. Available in softcover and downloadable .PDF format.

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The Relaxation and Sleep Series

Quantum Wellbeing

The QUANTUM WELLBEING© recording series provides for guided imagery exercises to assist you relax, focus, and rest better. Ideal for globe-trotter road warriors and busy entrepreneurs. This series is available as a complete CD set of 8 relaxation exercises or as individual MP3 downloads.

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