Inspirational Speaker
Dr. Gaby Cora

Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Motivating Audiences and Helping Them Achieve
Their Best in Health, Career and Life

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I have been honored to speak to very diverse audiences throughout my career. My talks have included everything from scientific presentations at national and international meetings to speaking at corporate events, association meetings, special events, and educational institutions from middle schools to high schools to universities. What I most enjoy is speaking to inspire and motivate others while they are going through tough times and striving to achieve their best.

Some of the topics of my talks include:

  • Leading Under Pressure
  • Managing Work in Life
  • Health & Wellness
  • Inspirational & Motivational
  • Health & Fitness
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Women
  • Hispanic & Latino
  • Exercise & Nutrition
  • Meditation & Hypnosis
  • Shedding Spiritual Baggage
  • Healing Past Wounds
  • Align with your Higher Self

I have given talks to:

  • The Coca-Cola Company (U.S., Mexico, Thailand)
  • Entrepreneurs Organization (U.S., Marrakech, Punta Cana)
  • University of Miami School of Business Administration (Miami, FL)
  • The Pharmaceutical Industry (U.S.)
  • The Insurance Industry (U.S.)
  • Florida Conference for Women (Orlando, FL)
  • Associations of Women in Business ()
  • Massachusetts Conference for Women (Boston, MA)
  • Myron Rolle Foundation (Wellness & Leadership Academy in Stark, FL)

Client Testimonials

Entrepreneurs rarely have the opportunity to openly discuss the unique stress they experience in their lives. I was very impressed by your ability to immediately resonate with a group of business owners from around the world. I truly believe you made a difference in each of our lives that day.

– Calvin Carter
Business Owner & EO Member
EO Regional Director, North America Business Owner, Dallas, Texas

Dr. Gaby was the keynote speaker during our Rotary Club meeting, and she was dynamite. Speaking on topics ranging from personal health to business leadership, her depth of knowledge and undeniable charisma had the room hanging on her every word. With such an impressively vast and diverse background in both medicine and business, it is no wonder we were left wanting for more. Her book Leading Under Pressure is a must read for C-level executives seeking a way to reach that higher-level of energy and vigor required by the intense corporate leader. We hope to see Dr. Gaby again very soon.

– Luis Ortega
Owner, Security Arms International
Miami, Florida

Dr. Cora, You gave an amazing presentation at the Women's Business Network for the Coral Gables Chamber. We were all touched! I truly felt that you were speaking to me as you touched upon Trouble at the Top and Managing Your Life. I left that lunch and analyzed my current life/work situation. I went through your seven steps and I can honestly say that I have been more productive, healthier and happier! Thank you, Gaby.

– Victoria E. Villalba
President, Victoria & Associates Career Services, Inc. Miami, Florida

Dr. CorĂ¡ gave an outstanding presentation at the Chapter Launch of The Women of the Roundtable event on June 2009, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Her presentation was amazing, exhilarating, informative as well as inspiring. In addition, Dr. CorĂ¡'s book Alpha Female provided excellent strategies on becoming an outstanding leader. If you haven't yet read this book this year, you must read this incredible book.

– Doris R. Gomez
President, The Women of the Roundtable
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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