Leadership Consultant
Dr. Gaby Cora

Experienced Leadership Consultant

Using Knowledge, Experience and Intuition to
Find Strategic Solutions to Your Unique Challenges

I have assisted privately and publicly-owned organizations in a wide range of consulting interventions in the United States and internationally. My strength is to find strategic solutions to unusual challenges. I effectively combine knowledge and experience with a touch of intuition in my work. I'm best at assessing complex situations, bringing together all key players in a 360, identifying potential solutions, creating multiple opportunities, narrowing down the best options, and creating a plan of action with follow-up. I have additional experience working with family-owned businesses.

  • Leadership Development
  • 360 Evaluation and Feedback with a plan of action
  • Succession and Transition Leadership
  • Crisis Leadership and Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Change Management
  • Life Work Balance
  • Relationship Strategies
  • Critical Incident Management
  • Mastermind Group Facilitation
  • Health & Wellness

Some of the companies and organizations I have worked with include:

  • The Coca-Cola Company
  • Universal Group
  • Blue Bunny
  • The World Bank
  • Home Financing Center
  • Women Presidents’ Organization

During difficult times of transition, Dr. Gaby Cora encouraged us to make decisions without fear. She walked us through the process of understanding that you don’t buy loyalty, you reward it.

Gaby helped me to deal with the prejudice of our culture; about a young woman leading a group of companies and to deal with the generational GAPS.

No matter the age or sex, you can be equally successful. Thank you Gaby!

— Monique Miranda Merle
CEO & President, Universal Group, Inc.

We hired Dr. Corá right after we experienced an extraordinarily critical and sensitive situation. From the beginning, she was knowledgeable, flexible, and willing to work with our immediate and urgent needs, but with an eye on the long-term challenges and opportunities. As an expert in crisis management, she worked with our executives individually as well as with our business groups, adding to our sense of being in the right hands throughout the process.

In addition to understanding our business needs, Dr. Corá understood the individual, interpersonal, and company needs so that our overall goal remained in alignment with the goodwill that our company is driven to fulfill.

We appreciate the work she has done for us through the years and we would recommend her as a leadership consultant expert in critical situations.

— VP, Global Security, Fortune 500

First and foremost it was comforting after our initial discussion knowing that we had someone competent to turn to in helping deal with sensitive issues that can arise from time to time. Since these issues can develop rather quickly, the sooner they can be dealt with the better. I was very impressed with Gaby’s response time and the cooperation to work around the schedule of all parties involved.

In addition, Gaby always made everyone feel very comfortable with expressing their feelings or concerns. All of her advice was always well thought out, and presented in a professional, non-demeaning manner. This could be very difficult to do if you are not an expert in knowing how to effectively communicate with people and have the experience in solving tough issues that can come about in businesses. We felt very fortunate to have met Gaby and made her be part of our team.

– Terry W. Claus
President, Home Financing Center
Miami, Florida

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